HIPAA Email Compliance and Encryption

HIPAA email compliance is talked about widely these days, and for good reason. Healthcare organizations that are “Covered Entities” under HIPAA are expected to secure protected health information (PHI) sent by email using reasonable and appropriate encryption technology. And in the event that PHI is lost or stolen, encrypted data is exempted from fines and consumer and agency notification by most regulations.

We have the expertise and resources to help you comply. Our service will automatically encrypt messages and attachments that contain PHI. This is done automatically, which is important, because most breaches of PHI are accidental. Our solution allows the users to continue doing what they do in their normal job functions without creating additional work to ensure PHI is being protected. Automatically protects your patients PHI even in the case of an accident.

Often times emails are sent in between patients to provide timely health care and especially the case when other providers need the information. Does your current process bog you down? Let us help automate the process so you can focus on your patients and not worry about additional steps to ensure PHI is protected.

What could happen if you sent out PHI unprotected? How would you explain the error to your patient? What could the financial penalty do to your business? Have you or coworkers inadvertently send unprotected PHI? Why take the risk?

With our expert services, you can be compliant very quickly. Our services are scalable for any size organization and can be implemented without breaking the bank. We compliment the HIPAA compliant email with other solutions such as Office 365, Encrypted Storage and other collaboration and backup products. We are your single source for you HIPAA compliance needs and ready to help.

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